Benedict Cumberbatch for Variety at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (x)

I miss ten years ago.

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ARTIST: Tegan and Sara
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ALBUM: So Jealous

Auburn!Batch appreciation post.

“I’m not ginger. I’m auburn and there is a difference, I’ve got very good friends and relatives who are ginger and trust me, there’s a difference.” (x)

In which the Twelfth Doctor is me.

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why is this so hard


if you close your eyes right before kanye attacks the paparazzi, your brain will think that you have died. some people find calmness in this

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Benedict Cumberbatch being freaking adorable with his fans at the “The Imitation Game” premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. [x]

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The cast of “The Imitation Game” interviewed by Variety [x]

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There were moments where I let him or it really get hold of me. It was, then, you’re kinda out of control as an actor. I mean, there was a moment, where, in that last scene with Keira, uhm, I- I think it probably was a poorly time of my part because it wasn’t even really my shot. It was a wide shot from behind both of us, of the chair I was kind of collapsing into after having a panic attack, and I couldn’t stop! I couldn’t stop sobbing. Uhm, and it was because I kind of opened up an understanding of what he [Turing] went through and it was purely mourning what he had experienced, which when you’re playing someone, you can’t really do. You know, you have to be a little bit more objective about it.
Benedict Cumberbatch on shaking off / getting out of Alan Turing’s character (x)

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Benedict Cumberbatch attends the GQ Men Of The Year awards on September 2, 2014 in London. (x)

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