Benedict Cumberbatch is stopped yet again from illegally downloading movies, God bless


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"Is it true that you’re playing Doctor Strange?" [x]

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July 27: Justin onstage with Grace Kesablak at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

When people who are like 0% match message you on OkStupid


On August 30th, I will no longer be an art blog.  It is up to you, my followers, to decide what kind of blog I will be for the full length of the day

If this gets 0-100 notes, I will become a soft grunge blog
100-500, hard grunge
500-1k, indie/fashion/beach/sunrise/bambi/pastel
1k-2k, relatable text posts only
2k-5k, plants
5k+, shut up for a day

If I could marathon all the Benedict Cucumber movies that’d be cool. Someone move the TV to this room though because I don’t plan on leaving.

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Is he in a movie about penguins or something??????

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