go nads go!

The most tender place in my heart is for strangers.
I know it's unkind, but my own blood is much too dangerous.

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me: ugh i wish quiznos would stop sending me coupons for disgusting sandwiches
me: this is fucking nasty looking look at this
phol: im
phol: puking
me: r those grapes
me: the fuck is this
phol: im going to fucking hurl dude
me: lol
me: dude
me: honey dijon
me: and fucking
me: grapes

  1. boxblocked said: get this guacamole fruit out of my fucking face. i’m seriously going to puke.
  2. egadsy said: blt forever
  3. iron-on said: grapes r good in chicken salad
  4. gonadsgo posted this